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Ferrous Fumarate Iron Tablets 14mg (50 tablets)

Ferrous Fumarate Iron Tablets 14mg (50 tablets)

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Ferrous fumarate is  used to treat and prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Iron helps to make healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body.


 If you have too little iron in your diet it can make your iron supply drop too low, leading to anaemia. Iron is needed for energy production. Adequate Iron can prevent lethargy and fatigue.


Low levels of iron can reduce the body’s production of antibodies and weaken the immune system, and may also lead to anaemia or feelings of tiredness and fatigue.


Iron is vastly important and contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body as well as the normal function of the immune system and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Suitable for both men and women and each of our small, easy to swallow, tablets provides 14mg of elemental Iron as Ferrous fumarate. This is equivalent to 100% of your Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) so you can be assured you are getting your full requirement from just one serving.


The 50 units of easy to swallow tablets are vegan and vegetarian friendly and are free from artificial colours, preservatives, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose & fish and are highly developed to get to work quickly.


They are dispatched via 24 hour delivery service FREE of charge and will arrive in a durable pop top container.


DO NOT exceed the stated dose


    All products come with FREE 24 hour speedy delivery in the UK!

    Delivery to Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg is 3-4 working days.

    USA can take 7 - 10 days to arrive.

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