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There are many products that are advertised online to gain weight but this product works and fast! This product is 100% guaranteed saving time and money on those products that do nothing but empty your pockets. We will not force anyone to buy, these are available if you want to gain the weight you want not another weight gain fantasy that are on the web and in shops.

Trust in us and you will not regret it!​


How We Got Here

Since being established in 2000, Instantweightgain has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today.


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I tried everything but I just couldn't put any weight on then I heard about then I got exactly what I wanted!

Robbie Davis

I have never been more confident about myself then I am now. Thank you instant weight gain!!


At first I was sceptical as I had tried many other things but I decided enough was enough and ordered a 2 week course. In just a few day's I really noticed a difference and I owe it all to instant weight gain!

Frank Johnson


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